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  • Scott Cody

    Senior Vice President & Sector Lead, Human Services; Acting Practice Director, Social Policy & Economics Research

  • Patrick Coleman

    Vice President & Practice Director, Behavioral Health & Health Policy

  • Deborah Jonas

    Vice President & Practice Director, Education Studies

  • Jacqueline Hogan

    Vice President & Practice Director, Large Surveys

  • Jennifer Kuo

    Vice President & Practice Director, Public Health

  • Sunitha Mathew

    Vice President & Practice Director, Clinical Research

Research Leadership

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  • Tammy Cook

    Vice President & Director, Field Services

  • Jeri Mulrow

    Vice President & Sector Lead, Data Solutions; Acting Director, Statistics & Data Science

  • Jane Shepherd

    Vice President & Director, Research Operations

  • Sarah Ball

    Vice President & Lead Scientific/Epidemiology Advisor

  • Brad Edwards

    Vice President & Lead Scientific/Methodology Advisor

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